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Fuzionaire Diagnostics (“Fuzionaire Dx”) is a nuclear medicine company on a mission to improve disease diagnosis and treatment. 

Our patented molecular scaffolds enable efficient, late-stage incorporation of radioisotopes into diagnostic pharmaceuticals. This offers researchers and clinicians a new strategy for improved diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of numerous diseases, and the acceleration of drug development.

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Nick slavin

Nick Slavin

Co-Founder and CEO

Mr. Slavin is the founding CEO of Fuzionaire and Fuzionaire Diagnostics. His mission is to create a better and more hopeful future. Through the work of Fuzionaire, he is leveraging the power of scientific breakthroughs to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges at scale. Outside of Fuzionaire, Mr. Slavin is the founder and chairman of the Slavin Family Foundation, whose fellowships support some of the world’s top student entrepreneurs, and the founder of EES Ventures, a seed-stage venture capital firm. With Nova Spivack, Mr. Slavin is also a co-founder of the Arch Mission Foundation (AMF), a nonprofit creating repositories of human knowledge and biology in space. AMF launched the first permanent library in solar-orbit in February 2018 in the glove box of Elon Musk’s Tesla Roaster, which was the payload for SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy test flight. In 2019, AMF landed the Lunar Library on the Moon. Previously, Mr. Slavin spent six years at top-ranked law firm Skadden Arps, focusing on public and private mergers and acquisitions. He hold a BA from Yale, magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, where he founded his first company and graduated at 19, and a JD from Harvard Law School. 

Anton toutov

Anton Toutov, PhD.


Dr. Toutov holds a PhD in organic chemistry from Caltech in the laboratory of Nobel Laureate Robert H. Grubbs, where he held Dow-Resnick, NSERC, and Bristol-Myers Squibb fellowships. Dr. Toutov collectively has over 40 scholarly articles and patent grants and applications to his name spanning the fields of chemical synthesis, clean energy, and drug discovery. He is the recipient of the 2016 Demetriades Caltech Thesis Prize, the 2015 Alfred Bader Award for Student Innovation (Sigma-Aldrich Corporation), the 2014 Dow Chemical Sustainability Challenge Grand Prize, and the 2014 Milliken & Co. “Deep Science” award, among others. Dr. Toutov also serves as senior technical advisor to the Gates Foundation-backed Medicines for All Institute, improving access to affordable, high-quality medicines. 

Nove spivack

Nova Spivack


Mr. Spivack is a serial entrepreneur, technology futurist, and co-founder of the in house incubator of Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and Sarnoff Laboratories, which launched SIRI (acquired by Apple). He is the founder and CEO of the early stage science and technology incubator, Magical, and is co-founder and chairman of the Arch Mission Foundation. Previously, Mr. Spivack was CEO of Bottlenose, a leader in real-time data analytics. He founded Radar Networks in 2003, business incubator Lucid Ventures in 2001, and in 1994 he co-founded EarthWeb, Inc., one of the first web start-ups (record-breaking IPO in 1998) and spinout (IPO in 2007). He is also a co-founder or early investor in The Daily Dot, Klout (acquired by Lithium), and a number of applied and life science companies including Space Adventures and Cambrian Genomics. Mr. Spivack is an inventor on nearly 100 granted and pending patents.